Welcome to our Drive-In Quest movie theater blog. This is a journal that will highlight our trips to various drive-in movie theaters over the coming months and years. One estimate says there are 338 drive-ins still operating in the USA.   That’s a far cry from the 4,000 drive-ins operating in the USA at the peak in the 1950’s.   Population growth and suburban sprawl have made the land these drive-ins sit on, more valuable than the drive-ins themselves.  Many Costco’s and Walmart’s now sit where drive-ins once existed.   This is especially true in and around the larger metropolitan areas, like Washington D.C., for example.   I was a teenager in the 1980’s and remember going to 3 different drive-ins within a 30 minute drive from my Northern Virginia home.   All 3 drive-ins are gone now, having been coveted for their land back in the late 1980’s building boom.   Luckily, I am still within an hour’s drive of  The Family Drive-In located in Stephens City, VA.  It’s a great drive-in, with two screens and a friendly atmosphere.